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IT Solutions

IT Solutions
Accelerating the Business of Health Care

Pergroup is ready to put you on the path to improved admissions efficiencies, streamlined records management, accelerated payment cycles and higher ROI with Laserfiche IT solutions that can be rapidly deployed.

Since 1987, Laserfiche has set the standard in unified digital records management and document management and imaging. No wonder it’s become the preferred choice for more than 21,000 organizations spanning the globe, improving their rate of collections, streamlining admissions and patient records procedures, and reducing the costs of compliance with HIPAA and other mandated regulations.

Dedication to customer-driven innovations has spurred Laserfische to build a suite of products and services that address organization-wide business problems from executive, records management, information technology and end-user perspectives. Laserfiche manages mission-critical information in local, state and federal agencies; financial services firms; healthcare organizations; educational institutions; and other public- and private-sector organizations around the world.

Improved Document Management

Working with Laserfiche IT solutions, Pergroup will make you comfortable with your document management, speeding up business processes, streamlining admissions, virtually eliminating labor-intensive manual filing procedures and reducing the drag of regulatory compliance, all while ensuring patient privacy and improving records security.  

Comprehensive security safeguards patient information captured in paper form, as well as sensitive administrative records, with individualized protective measures for specific departments. Original documents may be destroyed or stored off-site according to regulatory demands.

Administrators, coders and front desk staff then retrieve documents instantly with Laserfiche’s Intelligent Search. Users view, print and e-mail documents from their desktops. Documents also may be archived to CDs, DVDs or other non-volatile media, simplifying disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

When you’re ready to experience real-world benefits in healthcare management from the front desk to the back office, Pergroup stands ready to assist. Just give us a call.

Laserfische Solutions

Streamline admissions, collections & patient records

For more than a decade, Pergroup has relied on a proven solution to cut costs of compliance with HIPAA and other regulations, streamline efficiency and records security, and maximize returns for its clients. Rapidly deployable, scalable and cost-effective, Laserfische solutions have helped healthcare organizations set the standard in unified digital records, document management and imaging, all while ensuring patient privacy and reducing long payment cycles.

With Laserfische software, Pergroup will assist your organization establish:

  • Automated filing systems created for incoming patient records.
  • Streamline management of copies of insurance and identity information without the paper
  • Achieve accelerated billing processes with faster, more efficient access to EOBs.
  • Improve efficiency and accountability with automated routing of lab results.
  • Less expensive, simplified HIPAA compliance with digital records storage and comprehensive
  • Easily enforced, consistent records policies organization-wide.
  • Elimination of inconsistent application of records policies and procedures that risk the privacy of protected health information and increase exposure to costly litigation.
  • Enhance your ability to retrieve documents and reconcile disputes immediately with intelligent search tools.
  • Time-tested and designed to evolve with changing regulations, Laserfische software has become the preferred resource for more than 21,000 organization since 1987, delivering a suite of information technology products and services that help manage mission-critical data for state and federal agencies, financial services firms, healthcare organizations, educational institutions and other public- and private-sector operations around the world.

To learn more about how Pergroup can put the power of Laserfische to work for you, please give us a call and our highly trained staff will assist you in making it a reality.

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