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No one understands your business needs like someone who's been there. Pergroup team members have worked in business, healthcare, education and government and know what it takes to get ahead in today's competitive environment.


In the increasingly complex and highly competitive healthcare marketplace, precise and efficient billing, coding and medical records management are critical to your agency’s success. Pergroup’s knowledgeable staff and experienced, credentialed coders have helped dozens of agencies, including the Indian Health Service, state Departments of Health, and tribal and private healthcare facilities throughout the Great Plains and Southwest, navigate the intricacies between delivering quality patient care and managing revenue cycles. In the process, Pergroup clients have streamlined processes, improved efficiencies, optimized reimbursements and maximized revenues.


Delivering quality education while adhering to increasingly tighter budget constraints remains today’s greatest challenge for school boards, administrators and teachers. Pergroup’s wealth of knowledge and customized assessment tools can assist school systems evaluate whether they’re meeting their goals, determine their strengths and weaknesses, and identify untapped opportunities. We’ve done just that for the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the South Dakota Department of Education.


Pergroup is proud of its GSA certification to provide Financial and Business Services (FABS) solutions to governmental agencies under schedule 520. As a result of that accreditation, Pergroup has provided state, federal and tribal agencies with a variety of cost-effective integrated business process outsourcing solutions that have assisted those agencies in achieving their mission and better serving the public while meeting budgetary restrictions.

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